Crime ruins Ipswich's festive weekend

OPINION: IT WAS unfortunate to come into work yesterday and find out that what should have been a weekend of pure celebration for Ipswich was also one of torment for an unfortunate few.

There has been a spate of violent robberies committed by young offenders recently and it is of grave concern to Ipswich detectives as much as it is for members of the public.

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Friday night's attempted robbery of two young delivery drivers was, of course, pre-empted by a worrying spate of robberies of taxi drivers in the Goodna and Redbank Plains area only a couple of months earlier.

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It is worrying for a couple of reasons: one is the apparent age of the offenders, and the other is the type of people being targeted.

One of the victims of the attempted robberies was a young female delivery driver - allegedly attacked on the job by a male offender.

It just goes to show the lack of moral compass that some people have.

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