ARTISTS from across the country are learning and expanding their talents during a week-long retreat.

More than 200 students are at the University of Southern Queensland Artsworx McGregor Summer School with classes from drawing and painting to bespoke furniture making and paper cutting.

Perth-based artist Anne Gee travelled to Toowoomba for the first time to teach the art of paper cutting class.

"It's very simplistic, minimal tools and not a lot of rules,” Ms Gee said.

"It is not rocket science how to do it but it's quite meditative and you are forced not to be too precise which is kind of nice.”

Ms Gee had been an artist for many years before she took on paper cutting about four years ago, expanding her range which also includes drawings and paintings.

She is just one of many talented Australian artists to lend their knowledge to the school along with Maxwell Wilks.

Mr Wilks is from Melbourne and is one of the school's most accomplished teachers with more than 50 solo exhibitions to his name.

"I have taught people from all over the world who come here. That is the beauty of it,” he said.

"They are all eager, that is the most important thing, they want to learn and I am happy to teach them.”

Mr Wilks is mainly an oil painter but has taught art using pastels for about 14 years, all over Australia.

The McGregor Summer School will continue at USQ until Saturday.

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