Court told man 'lucky not to have been shot'

A LOWOOD man who was tasered by police yesterday morning was lucky not to be shot instead, a court has heard.

Daniel Luke Hathaway, 21, was granted bail in Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday after being arrested early in the morning.

Hathaway has been charged with serious assault of police while armed with a weapon.

Two police were called to Hathaway's Lowood home on an unrelated matter just after midnight on Friday morning.

They spotted him leaning against the outside of the house, holding a knife in his hand.

Police allege they told Hathaway to drop the knife, which he didn't do.

They then claimed Hathaway, who is currently on crutches from a work-related injury, began walking towards them with the knife in his hands.

One of the police officers drew his taser and told Hathaway to stop and drop the knife.

When he again failed to do so, the second officer then drew his pistol.

Hathway continued to walk "aggressively" towards police, causing the first officer to deploy his taser, dropping Hathaway.

The court heard he was wearing a knee brace at the time but was not on crutches.

Police found he had shallow self-inflicted wounds on his arms and they took him to Ipswich Hospital.

The police opposed Hathaway's application for bail, stating his actions were a "very serious example of assault of police".

The police prosecutor said Hathaway was fortunate the taser and not the gun had been used to stop him.

However Magistrate Donna McCallum questioned how menacing a man who needs crutches to walk would have been.

According to the police, he had walked towards them aggressively and had a knife rather than crutches in his hand and had been leaning against the wall of the house for support.

The court heard Hathaway had drunk five pints of beer on the night and had described the events as a "very major wake up call".

He was granted bail.

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