COURT: Human faeces fly in cell after assault on neighbour

"I'M GOING to s*** in here," warned a man from inside a watch house cell after he was arrested for assaulting a neighbour.  

He made good on his promise - twice.  

Nathan Daniel Town appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates on Thursday after spending 56 days in custody awaiting sentencing.  

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to wilful damage over the foul incident in April at the Hervey Bay watch house.  

Police prosecutor Donna Sperling said after defecating on the floor, Town threw his faeces around and rubbed it throughout the cell.   

"He stated if he was going to be treated like an animal, he's going to act like an animal," Snr Const Sperling said.  

"He continued to threaten staff."  

The Scarness man also pleaded guilty to the charges which resulted in his arrest in the first place, including assault occasioning bodily harm.  

Armed with half of a wooden shovel handle, Town caused chaos at the unit block where he lived in Scarness following an argument with a neighbour.  

He smashed a window of a unit before approaching a car parked outside and smashing its windscreen, mirror and tailgate.

Town then threw the weapon of choice at another neighbour who was trying to calm him down.

The woman's eyebrow split open as a result.   

"She was trying to calm the offender down and was assaulted for no reason," Snr Const Sperling said.   

The court heard an ongoing neighbourly dispute was Town's reasoning for the offending.  

His defence lawyer told the court Town would not be residing at the address in the future.  

Town was placed on a 18-month probation order, immediately released from jail.   

He also has to pay $100 for the cleaning of the cell.   

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