Dylan John Slegers
Dylan John Slegers Rob Williams

Serial pest given a week in jail to think about his behaviour

A 22-YEAR-OLD Ipswich man has learned the hard way what can happen to people who do not complete court-ordered community service - they go to prison.

Serial offender Dylan John Slegers was ordered to do 40 hours of community service for a public nuisance charge on June 5.

Slegers received the sentence after he abused and threatened staff at an Ipswich McDonald's, then spat on the restaurant's window.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court this week, it was revealed Slegers completed only five hours of his punishment before he stopped reporting for duties.

Defence lawyer Greg Ploetz said Slegers was a carer for his mother and also looked after his two eight-year-old brothers.

For that reason, Mr Ploetz said his client had been too occupied to fulfil his community service.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said Slegers' criminal history included at least 14 offences such as wilful damage and being drunk and disorderly.

Earlier this year, Slegers gained media attention when he was involved in a racially-charged attack at the Indian Mehfil restaurant in the Ipswich CBD.

Mr Ploetz said Slegers had committed a lot of his offences while under the influence of alcohol but had been sober for the past three months.

But Ms Vasta said the courts had given Slegers ample opportunity to comply with the laws but he had simply failed to do so.

She said if Slegers was unable to carry out the community service, he - at the very least - should have informed someone about it.

"These community projects are hard to come by and when people don't turn up to them it ruins the reputation of the community corrections office and the project falls apart," she said.

After pleading guilty to the breach of community service, Slegers was fined $350 and resentenced to one month in prison for the public nuisance charge.

The sentence will be suspended for a year after Slegers serves one week in jail.

Ms Vasta said Slegers should spend his week of incarceration thinking about his past 14 offences and reassessing his behaviour towards people in the community.

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