IN COURT: Full names of 85 people in Ipswich court today

EVERY effort has been made to comply with non-publication (suppression) orders or statutory provisions prohibiting publication that may apply to this information.

The onus remains on any person using this information or material from court files to ensure that the intended use of that information or material does not breach any such order or provision.

Important note: For matters not appearing on the list or to seek assistance, please contact the Ipswich registry on 07 3470 7300.

Allen, Tania Lillian 1 9:00AM

Anderson, Rebecca Sandra, Miss 1 9:00AM

Andrews, Emily Jane 1 9:00AM

Baldini, Tina Faye 1 3:00PM

Barker, Jason Norman 1 9:00AM

Barnes, Lucas James 1 9:00AM

Baughman, Peter Andrew, Mr 1 9:00AM

Bennett, Kerrie-Ann 1 9:00AM

Bomah, Elice Isata 1 8:30AM

Brackin, Renee Sheree 1 9:00AM

Butt, Shane Raymond, Mr 1 9:00AM

Castles, William Edward 1 9:00AM

Cooper, Timothy Raymond Scott, Mr 1 9:00AM

Court, Brett William 1 9:00AM

Davis, Russell John 1 9:00AM

Davis, Russell John, Mr 1 9:00AM

Diamond, Blake 1 9:00AM

Doncaster, Warwick Andrew 1 9:00AM

Douglas, Shane Bowman Charles, Mr 1 9:00AM

Filipaina, Jerome Jordan 1 9:00AM

Finch, Krystaleigh Ruth 1 9:00AM

Fizzell, Jamie Ronald, Mr 1 9:00AM

Garden, Luke Owen, Mr 1 9:00AM

George, Jacob Jimmy Lee 1 9:00AM

Goltz, Ali Travis 1 9:00AM

Green, Melissa Jade 1 9:00AM

Green, Trevor Shane 1 9:00AM

Grunberger, Daniel Jake 1 9:00AM

Hall, Steve William 1 9:00AM

Hockey, Nicole Mae 1 9:00AM

Hoffman, Shane Donald 1 9:00AM

Ikin, Mitchell Jonathan 1 9:00AM

Johnson, Melissa Kay 1 9:00AM

Joyce, Kyle Scott 1 9:00AM

Kelly, Kylie-Anne 1 9:00AM

Kennedy, Jason Jamaine 1 9:00AM

Ketter, Anthony James 1 9:00AM

Khadim, Mohammed 1 9:00AM

Kingston, Mikaela Joanne 1 9:00AM

Kristensen, Chantelle Rebecca 1 9:00AM

Lofthouse, Jessica Rochelle 1 9:00AM

Lokolong, Joseph, Mr 1 9:00AM

Mackenzie, Crystal 1 9:00AM

Mackenzie, Crystal Rose 1 9:00AM

Majok, Adut Chol 1 9:00AM

Manton, Alicia Sharleen, Miss 1 9:00AM

Markwick, Laine Lawrence 1 9:00AM

Mcgrady, Roxanne Jade, Ms 1 9:00AM

Mclaren, Alisha Jane, Miss 1 9:00AM

Melville, Daniel Christopher 1 9:00AM

Metai, Brandon Ahbing 1 9:00AM

Minns, Jessica Catherine, Miss 1 9:00AM

Mitchell, Travis Barton 1 9:00AM

Mureau, Terri Catherine, Miss 1 9:00AM

Muston, Denika Renay 1 9:00AM

Nelson, Mark Allan, Mr 1 9:00AM

Nguyen, Hong Phuc 1 9:00AM

Nowlan, Corey Daniel Edward 1 9:00AM

O'Kell, Jeremy William Phillip 1 9:00AM

Oxman, Madison Melissa 1 9:00AM

Page, Ricky James, Mr 1 9:00AM

Payne, Selina Christina Anne 1 9:00AM

Pedersen, Caitlyn Nola 1 9:00AM

Phomsouvanh, Phasouk 1 9:00AM

Pryor, Aaron Dean 1 9:00AM

Quach, My Thuan David 1 9:00AM

Rada, Danny John Victor 1 9:00AM

Ramsden, Samuel Joshua, Mr 1 9:00AM

Riley-Winters, Benjamin James 1 9:00AM

Robertson, T-Jay 1 9:00AM

Rudd, Thomas Karl, Mr 1 9:00AM

Rutherford, Corey Edward 1 9:00AM

Saunders, Mark Anthony, Mr 1 9:00AM

Sellars, Gregory Edward 1 9:00AM

Simpson, Liza Lesley Marie 1 9:00AM

Sinclair, Peter John 1 9:00AM

Smith, Damien Joshua 1 9:00AM

Taylor, Natalie 1 8:30AM

Tonga, Mataele Utoikamanu Esau, Mr 1 9:00AM

Townsend, Amy Lee Joyce, Ms 1 9:00AM

Trewin, Richard A 1 9:00AM

Trigge, Dustin Michael 1 9:00AM

Turnbull, Luke Michael 1 9:00AM

Weston, Jaiden Zane 1 9:00AM

White, Brendon Leigh 1 9:00AM

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