Ipswich Courthouse. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Ipswich Courthouse. Picture: Cordell Richardson Cordell Richardson

IN COURT: Full names of 45 people in Ipswich court today

EVERY effort has been made to comply with non-publication (suppression) orders or statutory provisions prohibiting publication that may apply to this information.

The onus remains on any person using this information or material from court files to ensure that the intended use of that information or material does not breach any such order or provision.

Important note: For matters not appearing on the list or to seek assistance, please contact the Ipswich registry on 07 3470 7300.

Amou, Ayii Mabior Arok 6 10:00AM

Ardill, Amy Rose 6 10:00AM

Arnold, Craig John 6 9:00AM

Brown, Jacqueline Anne, Miss 1 9:00AM

Brown, Jessica Ann Lee 1 9:00AM

Bush, Stephen Dennis 6 10:00AM

Collins, Nicholas Milton 1 9:00AM

Conlon Butterworth, Keiren John William 6 10:00AM

Cutter, Jeffrey James, Mr 6 10:00AM

Dargin, Jaimarra Louise Chey 1 9:00AM

Dean, Jamie Ray 6 10:00AM

Demmers, Kayla 6 10:00AM

Dennis, Samantha Katherine, Ms 1 9:00AM

Eldridge, Brock-Lazz 1 9:00AM

Fitton, Matthew Adan 6 10:00AM

Habgood, Teri Vanessa 6 10:00AM

Hewett, Dylan Cordell 6 10:00AM

Hogan, Taylah Marie 6 10:00AM

Huntley, Hayden Patrick 6 10:00AM

James, Melissa Leigh, Miss 1 9:00AM

Johns, Matthew Darren, Mr 1 9:00AM

Jones, Debra Carol 6 10:00AM

Kent, Graeme 6 10:00AM

Khan, Imran 6 10:00AM

Kroll, Barry Norman 6 10:00AM

Levack, Keith Stewart 6 10:00AM

Mahoney, Joel Lucas 1 9:00AM

Mathews, Russell Gordon Haig, Mr 6 10:00AM

Mcdougall, Bowie Robert, Mr 6 10:00AM

Mitchell, Jack Andrew 6 10:00AM

Norford, Tony 1 9:00AM

Pascoe, Aidan Eden 1 9:00AM

Poynter, Michael David, Mr 6 10:00AM

Rodgers, Raymond Scott 1 9:00AM

Russ, Jessie Douglas 6 10:00AM

Salam, Lindsay Jay, Mr 1 9:00AM

Smith, Leon Russell 6 10:00AM

Stothard, Renee Rose-Claire 6 10:00AM

Sullivan, Michael John 1 9:00AM

Taiaroa, Rarima Milford David 6 10:00AM

Thorpe, Sarah Jennifer, Miss 6 10:00AM

Wade, Saraha Jane 6 10:00AM

Wallace, Joshua Albert, Mr 1 9:00AM

Washington, Clayton Junior 6 10:00AM

Wrigley, Steven Eric 6 9:00AM

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