OPINION: Couple's needless death destroys a baby's future

A YOUNG woman and her partner are tragically killed in yet another road accident.

What happened at Leichhardt on Tuesday night is an all-too-common story.

Unfortunately few of us stop to think about the ramifications of these needless deaths unless the media brings something to our attention or we know the families.

Once the QT is informed of the names of crash victims we do a search of our extensive photo files to see if we may have a picture of them to use in the next day's paper.

That search yesterday provided a moment of reflection across the entire newsroom when we discovered we had taken a picture of the couple earlier this year.

There they were staring out of our computer screen holding their new born baby girl, Melody, at Ipswich Hospital.

There is no doubt that their families will rally around Melody to make sure she is well cared for in the coming years.

Will it be the same?

Unfortunately the answer to that question is no. Melody will never know what her parents were like or how much they loved her.

She will no doubt shed a tear and shake her head when she visits the grave sites of her dead parents in the years to come.

If the deaths of Ryan Burwell and Juanita Kirner don't serve as a warning to all young parents to slow down on the roads, what will?

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