Couple guilty of assault, robbery and deprivation of liberty

A COUPLE has been found guilty of taking a female neighbour into the Redbank Plains scrub where they assaulted and robbed her.

A jury found Andrew Keith Eyles, 33, and Eliza Dee Pearson, 34, guilty of unlawful assault, robbery while armed and deprivation of liberty.

At night, in December 2011, Eyles and Pearson were found to have taken Sarah Jane Van Donkelaar to a dirt section of Keidges Rd at the southern end of Redbank Plains.

The child locks stopped Van Donkelaar from leaving the car when they stopped at a red light.

When they stopped in the bush Eyles stood over her with a knife before assaulting her while Pearson took her purse and handbag.

Van Donkelaar told the court it contained a tin with thousands of dollars of cash inside that she had been saving to buy a car.

Injured and missing a thong, she walked to a nearby house, where the residents called the police.

The pair's defence teams claimed Van Donkelaar was unreliable and pointed to inconsistencies in her sworn statements and in court testimony.

Van Donkelaar's criminal past and an inconsistency in her claim the tin containing the money was a 'Spongebob' branded container, while police who investigated the crime stated it was a 'Shrek' tin were among the claims made.

The sentence will be delivered in the Ipswich District Court tomorrow.

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