Couple celebrating 60 years

THEY started as loved-up teenagers and now, more than 60 years later, Maurice and Aileen Poulton’s relationship has stood the test of time.

The couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary on February 10, the same day as Mrs Poulton’s 81st birthday.

Mr Poulton said he was 19 when he had first crossed paths with his 17-year-old future wife.

He said he had been friends with Mrs Poulton’s brother Doug.

“In the days after the war, a lot of us had motorbikes,” Mr Poulton said.

“We used to all go to a cafe at the top of town.

“That’s how we all met.”

He said it was his wife’s smile which had first caught his eye.

“She was pretty and we got on well,” Mr Poulton said.

“She used to go on the back of the bike in the pillion seat.”

They married at a congregational church in Ipswich, now the site of the Coles supermarket, when Mrs Poulton was 21 and Mr Poulton, 23.

The 82-year-old said he had held a range of jobs, from a butcher to a coal miner and even 15 years at the Challinor Centre working as a psychiatric nurse.

“It was quite interesting,” Mr Poulton said.

“We had criminals in there, so we had to watch ourselves.”

His wife worked at the East Ipswich woollen mills before their marriage and afterwards stayed home to care for their three children.

The couple now have nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

The Booval resident said the couple had shared many happy years and he had relished the companionship he shared with his long-time love.

“We have always worked with each other and anything that came up we discussed it,” Mr Poulton said.

“We don’t have too many arguments.”

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