Council wants $116,402 pest levy examined

IPSWICH City Council is encouraging the State Government to consider alternative ways of funding the control of pest animals and has written to the Queensland Parliament's Agriculture and Environment Committee as part of a review of the management of wild dog and rabbit fences.

A council spokesman said current arrangements for the control of pest animals needed to be updated.

"Currently, eight councils within the Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board region, which includes Ipswich, contribute an annual payment to fund the board's operations," the spokesman said.

"Ipswich contributes $116,402 per year, with two-thirds of this payment going to the rabbit board and the rest going towards research.

"In total the eight councils contribute $1.6 million per year, with the amount paid by each council determined by a range of factors including each council's size, location and average annual amount of general rates levied.

"Despite the existence of the wild dog and rabbit fences we know these pest animals are widespread across Queensland. Barrier fences are a historical approach and other methods of control appear to be more effective.

"Ipswich City Council believes a more up to date method of funding these programs would be that the funding costs be shared by all local governments within Queensland or that these services be fully funded by the State Government."

Facts about the fence:

The Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Fence extends for 555 kilometres from Lamington National Park in the east to Goombi in the south-west, where it connects with the Wild Dog Barrier Fence.

The rabbit fence is designed to prevent the spread of rabbits from southern and western areas into protected areas of the Darling Downs, the Lockyer Valley and South East Queensland.

The Ipswich City Council local government area does not border either the Wild Dog Barrier Fence or the Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Fence, however Ipswich City Council is within the Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit District.

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