Council to Canberra: Keep the NBN rolling

IPSWICH will be a city divided if the NBN isn't finished as planned, according to the Ipswich City Council.

At a council meeting, four councillors separately urged members of the public to pressure politicians to keep the rollout of the NBN going.

The Federal Government suspended construction on the network after their election victory, pending a review.

While some houses in Springfield and Goodna have already been connected, others are unable to connect to the network.

Speaking at the external council meeting at Brookwater Golf Club yesterday, four councillors expressed their concern about the lack of certainty over the NBN's future.

Mayor Paul Pisasale and councillors Paul Tully, David Morrison and David Pahlke all urged the Federal Government to keep rolling out the NBN.

"Don't touch it," Cr Pisasale urged.

"No matter where you live in Australia, the ability to communicate is vital. It might seem expensive, but it's going to be one of the best investments we could make for our children.

"This isn't about politics. It's about doing what's best for Ipswich and Australia."

Cr Morrison, whose division covers much of the Springfield area, said a good broadband connection had become an expectation for people.

"People have left this area because they haven't had a good broadband connection," he said.

"There is the assumption when people move to an area they will have water, sewerage and a good broadband connection, if not the NBN."

A spokesperson from the federal Department of Communications said the government was concerned about people who lacked adequate broadband connections.

"In relation to service provision, the government is determined to address the broadband inequalities that currently exist," the spokesperson said.

"Currently, up to two million households and businesses across Australia cannot get basic fixed-line broadband. The broadband divide is therefore not between people on very fast broadband and very, very fast broadband - it is between people with broadband and people without broadband.

"The government believes that the suburbs, regions, towns and business districts with the poorest services have the greatest need for the technological upgrade that the NBN rollout will deliver. The government will therefore require NBN Co to amend the rollout plan to give priority to the identified inadequately served areas."

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