LETTERS: Council in dark as emails miss mark

I NOTE with interest the strong negative pubic responses to the proposed development of a service station in Spencer St, Gatton, that were printed in a local newspaper.

I was one of those who sent in an official objection to the development, which I emailed to the Lockyer Valley Regional Council planning department.

I also sent courtesy copies to the six LVRC councillors.

I received an acknowledgement from the planning department, but the courtesy copies to the councillors were returned by my email service as being undeliverable.

I then successfully sent the original objection to the councillors using their same email addresses in forward mode. I also informed them that they were being censored by way of having their CC emails blocked by persons unknown.

The only response I received was from Cr Jim McDonald, who replied it would be "very poor" if they were being scrutinised. I pointed out to him that they were not just being scrutinised, they were also being censored.

I have to conclude that the other five LVRC councillors are happy to be treated like mushrooms, and kept in the dark? Maybe they like it that way, easier on the brain?



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