THE Department of Environment and Heritage Protection says it has not directed the Bundaberg Regional Council to cease humanely destroying wildlife where it is appropriate.

Council's Health and Regulatory spokesman reiterated what he told the NewsMail earlier that council was happy to assist with issues of this nature however other organisations had the necessary training, authorisations and legislative responsibility for this work.

A council spokeswoman said that "council has in the past, and continues to, euthanise injured wildlife at the request of various organisations".

However, the comments come after Bundaberg RSPCA wildlife carer Robyn Millington said she called the council on Tuesday morning to assist her with an injured kangaroo.

It is something she has done on numerous occasions in the past  but was this time told that council would no longer euthanise injured wildlife. Mrs Millington said as early as two weekends ago council euthanised a kangaroo on her behalf.

"This was on the Isis Hwy just near CQUniversity and the airport," she said. "I got a call saying 'We've just had to euthanise a kangaroo that must have been injured the other night can you come up here'."

Mrs Millington said this was not an isolated incident and she had welcomed the council's help over many years.

"They've always been very helpful in these situations for years until last Tuesday," she said. "I would call them and they would go out and euthanise the kangaroo."

Mrs Millington said her only other source for help was an RSPCA inspector who was leaving in a month.

A spokeswoman for the wildlife department said the Nature Conservation Act required anyone "taking" wildlife to be suitably authorised but as the primary concern in these instances was an animal's welfare, it would not prevent a council from acting in good faith to prevent its suffering.

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