Council details 'significant' dispute with Springfield group

IPSWICH City Council has confirmed plans to change the planning powers of Springfield City Group is a "significant matter" of ongoing dispute.

Last week, The Queensland Times revealed the council and Springfield City Group, two major development powers, were at loggerheads over a plan to change planning laws.

The council was reluctant to comment last week on its planned changes, which will strip Springfield of some of its over-arching development power.

More details of the ongoing dispute were revealed in a report about court matters handed to administrator Greg Chemello at today's council meeting.

"In addition to the current court actions, there is one other significant matter of dispute that the Planning and Development Department is currently involved with," the report notes.

At the council's November meeting it was decided to amend the Ipswich Planning Scheme by making amendments to part 14; the Springfield Structure Plan.

The structure plan sets out the development areas proposed for Springfield, agreements and how the council can consider applications.

According to the council's report, Springfield executives have opposed changes to this plan.

"Springfield City Group has made representations to the State Government that the amendments as adopted by council should not be approved and has suggested alternative wording regarding the rights and responsibilities of developers and landowners within the Springfield Structure Plan area," the council report notes.

"As a consequence of this dispute, the State Government facilitated a without prejudice discussion on February 28, 2019, between Springfield City Group and Council officers."

The dispute was not resolved, with both parties agreeing more talks were required prior to the planning scheme changes being made.

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