Council cracks down on illegal parking with law changes

IPSWICH City Council will crack down on people parking illegally in emergency zones, disability bays, on grassed areas and blocking entries and exits to car parks.

The council has reviewed, updated and endorsed various amendments to its local laws in the "most significant changes" since they were introduced decades ago, before being overhauled in 2013.

This included the review of Local Law No.5 Parking (and the respective Subordinate Local Law 5.1).

General manager of infrastructure and environment Charlie Dill said several amendments are focused around the removal of some existing parking permit categories.

"There have also been changes to declared traffic areas and the addition of more off-street regulated parking areas," he said.

Particular reference is made to the additional off-street regulated parking areas.

From November 1, the local law changes takes effect.

Previously, council did not have the ability to ticket and fine motorists for parking illegally in these areas.

Additional off-street regulated parking areas now include Marsden Parade off-street car park (this includes the two off-street carparks), Olga Street off-street car park, Robelle Domain and Lagoon (this includes the Lagoon car park and the Ian Keilar Drive car park), Queens Park, Limestone Park (Salisbury road car park) and Rosewood Library (the carpark will become regulated once it is operational).

"Although the local laws will be in effect from November 1, council will provide a grace period regarding compliance activities concerning the off street car Parks to enable motorists to adapt to the new regulated parking precincts," Mr Dill said.

"This grace period will be one month."

For more information on the local law reviews and on the specific changes can be found here.

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