Costco Ipswich. Costco Geeks Australia creator Peter Graham.
Costco Ipswich. Costco Geeks Australia creator Peter Graham. Cordell Richardson

Costco creates fair competition says supermarket geek

COSTCO's biggest boffin - outside the supermarket's employment chain - has spoken out in favour of market fairness, prior to the store's opening today. owner and operator Peter Graham said when he moved to Australia from Canada 20 years ago, he was shocked at the prices and the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths.

Mr Graham believes Costco's successful entrance into the Australian market will assist in keeping prices low across the board, giving creedence to the term "the Costco Effect".

When asked why he has such a passion - enough to create a successful, income generating website?

"Competition. Fair competition. That was my main thing when I first moved here from Canada like 20 years go," he said.

"I had culture shock for how much everything costs, I just thought it was insane.

"When Costco opened at Docklands I thought wow that's going to be (a game changer) because they're a way bigger player than Coles or Woolies as far as monetary, global value.

"They can do a lot more. You can see that in the pricing of things, it's much cheaper to buy certain things here."

The stay-at-home dad now curates Costco related content for up to 70,000 readers online.

"It originally started as a Facebook group and two years ago I launched the website because I can't make revenue from Facebook," he said.

"Originally I started the Brisbane group shortly after Docklands (Melbourne) opened, hoping they would come up to Queensland.

"That group stayed at 200-300 people for quite a long time, I never thought it would be a big deal, then it just exploded.

"That main group is at 33,000 people, and total about 70,000 through the social channels."

"We had a separate Bundamba group on Facebook which has just crossed 7000 people. We have a national group, the national page and Instagram."

Costco's homebrand, Kirkland, sources meat from Toowoomba and manufactures its toilet paper in Australia while maintaining low prices, according to Costco Australia managing director, Patrick Noone.

He said Costco also stocks around 3300 individual items, in great quantities, opposed to more than 30,000 in smaller quantities, like other supermarkets, allowing less static product and a quicker turnover.

For more information and for whisperings on Costco's online store opening and next Queensland location, visit

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