Coronation sale opens up possibilities

IT WAS with a heavy heart that we reported on the sale of yet another old favourite Ipswich pub this week, with the McLean family announcing the Coronation Hotel was on the market.

Read about the sale here.

Its proximity to the QT office made it an occasional haunt of ours and for all that it lacked in the fancy modern layout of your big supermarket chain-owned mega pubs, the good old Coro wasn't short of charm.

The place just needed a bit of a spruce up and it was a shame to see that never eventuated.

On the positive side, the sale opens up certain possibilities for the future. As David McLean was careful to point out, the Coronation Hotel was the final piece in the puzzle on a larger block of land bordered by Tiger and Brisbane St to go up for sale.

The obvious assumption to make is that someone is about to come along and bulldoze the lot. In terms of what we'll see there next, that's anyone's guess, but I think we've got enough service stations and fast food outlets for now.

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