Corner shops, use them or lose them

OUR young reporter Anna Hartley has been sent on a mission to find out firsthand just what the future is of our corner shops and small takeaways.

Today she starts her series with an overview of The Old Miners Diner on Brisbane Road.

Rebekah MCrindle has owned the diner for the past nine years and admits that life working in a small shop is crazy.

The owners of these small businesses swallow a daily dose of long hours, small returns and lots of headaches.

The big supermarkets and fast food operators are slowly strangling them out of business.

In lots of ways, the saying "use it or lose it" is right on the money.

We all get upset when the small convenience store down the road closes, but most of us have to admit that we didn't try to keep them open by shopping there.

We look at the prices of their goods and reflect that we can save a dollar of two by buying our milk and bread and the likes elsewhere.

I suppose it's like the three cents a litre off at the petrol bowser trick.

We drive further to use a petrol voucher and actually burn up what we save in petrol by doing it.

Trust you will enjoy our new corner store series that is sure to keep young Anna on the go for many weeks.



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