Cops attack Sunrise crew live on air. SEE THE VIDEO


A Channel 7 cameraman and reporter reporting from Washington DC have been knocked down by police in shocking footage which is now going viral on social media.

Sunrise reporter Amelia Brace was providing an update from the White House on the escalating chaos this morning with her cameraman, Tim Myers, ahead of Donald Trump's speech this morning when heavily-armed police began aggressively pushing the crowd back.

The Sunrise crew clashed with police live on air.
The Sunrise crew clashed with police live on air.

Brace and Myers tried to take cover behind a wall amid the stampede as they continued the cross, but were spotted by heavily-armed officers, who quickly shoved them both back and punched the cameraman.

The whole scene unfolded on live TV:

The disturbing footage was also captured on camera by US ABC reporter Ben Siegel, who shared it on Twitter, attracting thousands of retweets within minutes.

A short time later, Sunrise hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage checked in on the pair, who were also recovering from a dose of tear gas and rubber bullets deployed by police into the crowd.

"We're not too bad, it's actually the tear gas that gets you," Brace admitted. "As I tried to continue speaking to you (during the earlier live cross), I could barely breathe and it's really hard to continue speaking during that.

"I also got a rubber bullet to the backside, and Tim got one at the back of the neck - so we'll have a few bruises tomorrow."

Brace also expressed her gratitude to her colleague, who got "smashed" as he shielded her from police.

"I'm very grateful for him, he's a very experienced cameraman and has worked in war zones, so I felt very comfortable with him leading me out there, and he did a wonderful job."

The reporter added that they'd been left trapped with "no escape" as the crowds were suddenly pushed back ahead of Mr. Trump's arrival.

"There's really just no escape at that point. We had the National Guard behind us, and the police coming though, and there was nowhere for us to go," Brace explained.

"We had no choice but to hide in a corner hoping that they (police) passed by, but as you can see from those pictures … They did not."

Brace and Myers' Seven colleague Ashlee Mullaney - reporting from Minneapolis where the murder of unarmed black man George Floyd by an officer sparked the chaos a week ago - delivered a sombre summary of the situation a short time later.

"I have to just reference back to what Amelia has gone through," she told Koch and Armytage during her update on Seven's breakfast program.

"We are working media, lawfully doing a job, and how we have reached a point where that (situation with Brace and Myers) has happened is unbelievable - America is really in the thick of a crisis right now."

Seven's political editor Mark Riley also weighed in on the disturbing situation with a scathing tweet reiterating that Brace and Myers had simply been "doing their job".




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