David Tolsher has been demoted from senior sergeant to sergeant.
David Tolsher has been demoted from senior sergeant to sergeant.

Rogue cop demoted again — six years after offence

A SENIOR police officer has been demoted for the second time after he took home a mobile phone from an investigation and then visited women linked to the device.

Senior sergeant David Tolsher was demoted to sergeant after a police disciplinary hearing earlier this month. It took six years for the disciplinary action to take place.

News Queensland was told Sgt Tolsher took a phone home in 2012 despite it being an exhibit in relation to a sexual assault investigation.

He then drove to the homes of women linked to the device to speak with them about the investigation, alone and while off-duty.

When asked about his latest demotion, a spokesman said the 46-year-old officer "inappropriately conducted official police inquiries and inappropriately dealt with property".

"The investigation was finalised following a disciplinary hearing and the senior sergeant was demoted to sergeant," the police spokesman said.

"The QPS treats any allegation involving a police officer as serious."

It is the second time Sgt Tolsher was demoted, after he was caught drink-driving in 2012, registering a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.15 per cent, or three times the legal limit.

He took the matter to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, where he lost an application to have the decision stayed.

In a second QCAT hearing his demotion was confirmed. In the decision, it said he made a number of comments to the constables who stopped him to avoid being breathalysed.

After his conviction for drink-driving a restriction was placed on his licence, that he only drive a vehicle with an alcohol immobiliser.

But during a shift he drove a vehicle without an immobiliser to catch a group of criminals, charging them with 122 offences.

He submitted to breath tests before and after driving the police vehicle but bosses deemed it misconduct.

The matter was deemed less serious by QCAT and was sent back to QPS.

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