Gardening with QT columnist Chelsea Van Rijn
Gardening with QT columnist Chelsea Van Rijn Sarah Harvey

Controlling bugs made easy

ORGANIC SOLUTION: Chelsea van Rijn says there are safe options for controlling diseases and bugs.
ORGANIC SOLUTION: Chelsea van Rijn says there are safe options for controlling diseases and bugs. Contributed

HOW'S your organic garden going? If it's anything like mine I bet it's a bit stop start.

I read an article about a gentleman who spends over 30 hours a week in his garden. I'm lucky if I get 30 hours of sleep a week, I wish I could spend even half that outside. He's a lucky man!

Back to the basic organics. Step one was about creating great soil. Step two was about helping that soil stay great with fertiliser.

Step three is about dealing with the problems. Bad bugs and disease.

Plants are more susceptible to pests and diseases if they are unhealthy which is why step one and two are imperative to growing healthy strong plants.

If your plants do succumb to pests or disease my first rule is to trim and fertilise. If you do need to spray there are some great organic products to use.

For diseases such as powdery mildew, blackspot and rust in many plants including vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals - eco-fungicide is the way to go.

Eco-fungicide attacks the existing fungal infections and prevents new spores from germinating.

Eco-fungicide is safe for beneficial insects and soil microbes and there is no withholding period.

If pests are a problem eco-oil and neem oil are great. A bug's life span is very short and I have been told that they can build up a resistance to certain sprays if used continually. I was once given a great tip to alternate my organic sprays to prolong the effectiveness of them.

Eco-oil controls a range of problem insects including scale, aphids, two-spotted mite, whitefly and citrus leaf miner. Neem oil controls a broad range of chewing and sucking insects including lawn army worm.

They are both easy to use and safe for beneficial insects and animals. They are both safe for use on vegies, as well as ornamentals, with no withholding period.

The eco-oil is also HIPPO enhanced! No, no hippos have been harmed in the making of this product.

Plants have a natural defence mechanism. Basically they release an SOS messages to beneficial insects letting them know that tasty snacks are on nearby plants! The HIPPO-enhanced eco-oil formulation replicates this defence mechanism by including these organic compounds into spray. The research clearly showed that the HIPPO Enhanced eco-oil will attract beneficial insects into the garden. Pretty amazing hey?

You can mix eco-fungicide with eco-oil to create a two-in-one organic insecticide and fungicide.

To help with fruit fly - eco-naturlure. It is organic fruit fly control bait spray for both male and female flies and it controls both Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies. This spray is not 100% effective so reduce amount of fruit fly with a fruit fly trap and make sure you never have rotting fruit lying around.

Fruit fly is around all year don't think they are only around with the warmer weather be vigilant as they can strike at any time.

Remember the ying and yang in a garden - we all need bad bugs to feed the good bugs.

It's about trying to have the right amount of both.

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