Conor McGregor is very big on family.
Conor McGregor is very big on family.

Little Conor ruins perfect photo

CONOR McGregor's little fella continues to spoil big moments.

With fans still trying to blank out the memory of his triumphant dong stealing the show at his infamous weigh-in with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, little Conor struck again on Sunday.

The jokes were flying thick and fast on social media on Sunday after an Instagram post on McGregor's official page showed him - and his junk - in a compromised position.

Alongside the UFC megastar and his package were long-term partner Dee Devlin and their one-year-old son Conor Jr.

Unfortunately fans found it impossible to celebrate the photo, taken at Conor Jr's first birthday party, when once again the 29-year-old Irish fighter showed himself to be a little too comfortable with his manhood on display.

Conor Jr’s 1st birthday party ❤️

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McGregor's photo had more than 800,000 likes on Instagram and more than 6000 comments on Sunday evening.

Many, many, many of his Instagram followers couldn't look past his equipment on display.



Among the most outstanding remarks from fans were comments such as, "Look at that package" and "Put the mouse back in the house".

"Bloody hell mate, I hope your son has a bigger pecker than that chap, God was not kind to you," another fan wrote.

Conor's extensive record of showing off his asset also attracted the attention of some fans.

"Why does your d*** always take center stage," one fan asked.

Everyone smile and don’t pay attention to little Conor...
Everyone smile and don’t pay attention to little Conor...

Others chose to focus on the choice of attire that has again given fans unrivalled access to the general outline of his weapon.

"Them tight shorts and pants you always wear can't be good for the balls," one astute judge said.

"Takes a photo with the fam and has a d*** imprint showing, I bet this conceited f*** knows it and doesn't care and probably wants everyone to see it," another wrote.

McGregor's first little fella completely overshadowed his son's first birthday bash.

The lavish party was held at the K Club Hotel in Kildare, Ireland, on Saturday (AEDT).

The Daily Mirror reports the birthday bash was decorated with large balloons that spelled out "Happy Birthday" alongside large signs that said "Conor Jr McGregor's first birthday fiesta".

It's all been forgotten about in the minds of fans - and all because Conor let his mouse out of the house - just as he did during his weigh-in alongside Mayweather.

On that fateful day, McGregor appeared to walk on stage with an erection, and any chance of it remaining the little Irish elephant's trunk in the room disappeared when Mayweather spotted it - and began pointing at it and taunting.

McGregor was aware and tried to adjust his underpants when he stepped on the scale, but it was there for all to see.

In January McGregor uploaded a photo to Twitter of him at the weigh-in back in August and gave the strongest indication yet that everyone was right about what was going on underneath his Calvin Kleins.



For those not fluent in social mediaspeak, the eggplant emoji McGregor used commonly represents a male's old fella.

Perhaps the 29-year-old was just keen to let his 6.82 million followers know everything's back in working order after he was struck down by what he called the "Australian flu virus" recently.

The UFC star - who was forced to cancel a big New Year's Eve party after contracting the illness - took to social media to share a snap of himself with his son.

Little Conor stole the show.
Little Conor stole the show.

He told fans he'd been out of action for a couple of days and other family members had also picked up the flu.

"Well that was a wild New Year's Eve," he wrote on Instagram.

"Half the family hit with the Australian flu virus and some even left in hospital with it. I've never even been to Australia wtf.

"One of the most intense few days I've gone through. Big New Year's Eve party cancelled at the last minute and I am left shaking in bed the past two days."

The fighting icon also wished fans a "Happy New Year" and said he'll be ready for whatever happens in 2018.

"I'll leave that with the rest of the bad behind me in 2017 and take with me the many great experiences I've had this year," he captioned an image.

"Thank you all and Happy New Year to everyone! 2018 I may go back to the back pages instead of the front pages again. I will be ready for whatever comes. Be sharp and be fast this year because I am sharper and I am faster."

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