Confession earns drug dealer jail

AN HONEST drug dealer will spend eight months behind bars for making confessions to police about his cannabis-selling business.

Police raided the One Mile home of Andrew Michael Gobbert, 31, and found less than 4g of cannabis and some clip-seal bags.

Back at the police station, Gobbert admitted he had been selling the cannabis from home between November 2010 until May 2011.

He told police he would purchase an eight ounce bag of cannabis every two to four days, netting him a $36,000 profit throughout the five months.

Gobbert told police he split the profit with his housemate and would spend the money on rent and bills.

Without this admission, police would not have been able to charge Gobbert with trafficking dangerous drugs.

He pleaded guilty on Friday to this offence, in addition to possessing dangerous drugs and things used in the commission of a crime, and was sentenced to three years prison.

He will be released on parole on December 27.

Judge Deborah Richards said she acknowledged the trafficking charge only coming about because of Gobbert's own admissions.

But she said the offending was serious given the lengthy period of the operation and the consistent sale of marijuana to a variety of different people.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said there had been very little drug paraphernalia actually found in the house, and the whole case had come about because of Gobbert's interview with the police.

Mr Fairclough said the money had been spent on essential living expenses after Gobbert lost his job at the meatworks and found himself in financial stress.

Mr Fairclough said at one point Gobbert had tried to get out of the trade but was assaulted so continued to deal the drugs.

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