Concerns remain despite foreign fighters bill changes

CHANGES will be made to the Abbott government's original and controversial "foreign fighters" legislation when it comes before parliament next week.

Attorney-General George Brandis said the government had adopted all the proposed changes from a committee that examined the bill.

The Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security recommended 36 changes in all.

The government now expects the Opposition's co-operation to pass the bill.

While the changes came from the bipartisan committee, they do not go as far as many witnesses before the committee wanted.

Community concerns remain about the key measures to create "no-go zones", where Australian travellers must prove they were not engaged in terrorism during trips to such areas.

Senator Brandis said the legislation tackled the "escalating threats" posed by returning Australians who trained with extremist groups overseas and "those who they influence".

Despite protestations from Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese and other private concerns in the party, the bill is expected to pass the Senate with Opposition backing next week.


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