Cars parking on nature strips at Springfield Central Train Station.
Cars parking on nature strips at Springfield Central Train Station.

Commuters set to be hit with $100 fines for illegal parking

COMMUTERS have a few days remaining to address illegal parking issues at Springfield Central train station before fines are handed out from Monday, December 2.

Ipswich City Council officers have been delivering flyers to motorists at the station, advising them where to park - including the new temporary car park about 500m east of the station - and highlighting safety issues.

Stronger warnings began on Monday, with the final outcome, $100 infringement notices, being issued for illegal parking from the start of next week.

Acting general manager of planning and regulatory services Brett Davey said the busy train station currently has about 180 cars parking illegally in front of it on weekdays. There are vacant spaces in the new car park, which has spots for about 300 vehicles, while this is occurring.

"Some traffic bunting will be installed around major problem areas shortly and after that we will move from warnings to infringements for illegal parking. Infringement numbers will be dependent upon the success of the education process," he said.

"We have been verifying that spare parks are definitely available in the new car park at the same time the illegal parking is occurring. In addition, other commuters are lodging increased numbers of requests about parking and driver behaviour."

Mr Davey said that given the history it is likely that it will continue to be a significant issue in the community and that infringement recipients may seek a review by council.

Commuters and parents expressed their concerns recently as some motorists parking illegally had driven along the footpath while exiting the station precincts and nearly hit pedestrians, including schoolchildren.

"I was nearly hit by a car this morning while walking on the designated footpath from the temporary car park to the station. And then this afternoon while walking back to my car with many others who were walking also we were beeped numerous times by a driver who was driving their car along the footpath," one Springfield resident said.

"This is incredibly unsafe for pedestrians who are doing the right thing by using the temporary car park. Someone will be hit by a car if they continue to park on the footpath."

Local MP for Jordan Charis Mullen had been working closely with council to come up with a solution to the parking problems.

The new temporary car park for commuters opened on 21 October.

While an extra 500m away, it has 300 spaces, 50 more than the existing car park. Part of that the old car park has been fenced off while work continues on the new Brisbane Lions 10,000-seat stadium.

Entry is off Eden Station Drive with CCTV security and lighting installed for commuter safety.

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