Commuters delayed after teen throws can at train

RAIL services were delayed after a teenager threw a can of Red Bull at a train driver's window.

Jason Patrick Watkins pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday to creating a public disturbance.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston said the 18-year-old threw the can as an Ipswich-bound train entered Redbank Railway Station.

It hit the front window of the carriage, which alarmed the driver.

The incident occurred on September 19 at 12.30pm.

Sgt Colston said rail commuters had to wait for about 10 minutes as the train was inspected for damage.

She said following trains also experienced minor delays as a result of the incident.

Watkins was identified by the driver as the person who threw the can, which was confirmed by CCTV footage.

Defence lawyer Vince Knox said Watkins was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

He said his client had no intention of alarming the driver or causing any rail delays.

Upon sentencing, Magistrate Barry Cosgrove told Watkins that being drunk was no excuse for his behaviour.

"You have to learn that your behaviour has consequences," he said.

"You might have thought it was a fun idea to throw a can at a train.

"But as a result of your actions, the driver received a terrible shock and a lot of passengers were delayed."

Watkins was convicted and fined $400.

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