Community responds to calls for nuclear power generation

The majority of Ipswich residents have been reluctant to embrace the thought of a nuclear power station similar to France's Flamanville.
The majority of Ipswich residents have been reluctant to embrace the thought of a nuclear power station similar to France's Flamanville. Pierre Berenger

Ipswich residents are reluctant to embrace the call from a nuclear energy chief to consider building a reactor in the region.

This week SMR Nuclear Technology chief executive Robert Pritchard said Ipswich "ticks the box” to host a nuclear power station.

He called on the community to have a discussion and consider its position about whether to progress the idea.

Readers of the Queensland Times opposed nuclear technology.

"Nuclear power is a short-term fix with disastrous long-term consequences and the people of Ipswich are not as gullible as Mr Pritchard would like to think,” NimRob3294 wrote online.

PaulJH questioned where the waste would be stored.

"When they can tell me how they are going to keep the waste - that has a half-life of 10,000 years - safe until such time as it is no longer dangerous, then I'll consider it,” he wrote.

"And burying it in a hole in the ground or putting it at the bottom of the ocean is not acceptable.”

But one reader argued nuclear power was the way to go due to the ability to control it, unlike wind or solar.

"Time has shown that nuclear power is the way of the future, take submarines for example,” they wrote.

Labor's federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann, opposed the controversial energy, claiming a "nuclear power plant on the banks of the Bremer River” was not in the community's best interests.

On Facebook, readers agreed nuclear was not suited for Ipswich.

"We are a nuclear-free city for a reason.... did we learn nothing from Chernobyl and the Moruroa Atoll testing,” Cam Jay wrote.

Raymond James Lock said; 'no thanks, take it elsewhere”.

Jay Malcomson asked people to educate themselves about nuclear energy.

"It's really cheap and the most environmentally friendly source of man-made electricity,” he said.

Australia's only nuclear reactor is located at Lucas Heights, southwest of Sydney.

Opened by Prime Minister Robert Menzies in 1962, the reactor is used for atomic research and producing radioactive isotopes for industry and medicine.

According to the World Nuclear Association, Australia's known uranium resources are the world's largest - almost one-third of the world total.

All production is exported.

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