Bowls club members form a guard of honour at Ron Krause’s funeral in Lowood.
Bowls club members form a guard of honour at Ron Krause’s funeral in Lowood. Gary Worrall

Celebration of Life: Community champion's farewell

RONALD William Krause was born on February 4, 1932, at Rosewood.

He was the eldest of two sons to Ewald (Eddie) and Ester Krause, of Lanefield.

He attended the small one-teacher school of Ashwell, near Rosewood.

He was a studious pupil and as a result achieved a scholarship to complete his secondary education at Ipswich Grammar School.

While at Grammar, Ron was a keen sportsman and in later years would periodically tell of his prowess on the rugby league field.

His ambition was to become a vet, however he found his year of school challenging and decided to return to what he knew best, working on the dairy farm.

On Sunday mornings Ron and his younger brother, Merv, would cycle down to the Lanefield Baptist Church to attend Sunday School lessons.

Ron's first major purchase was a green Commer utility, which was used as both a farm vehicle and his "going out" car.

Dulcie admitted she was quite impressed with this dashing young man who had such a stylish vehicle.

About this time, Ron decided he'd learn to play the piano accordion and found a suitable teacher in Arch Johnson. Being enterprising young men Ron and Merv, a drummer, honed their skills by providing music for the learner dancers at the Ashwell School.

On becoming a proficient musician, Ron joined Bulow's Orchestra, a group that played for dances at various venues in the Ipswich region during the early 1950s.

He also accompanied other groups such as the 3 Gs and Ellen Gee. Ron first met Dulcie Bachmann as he sat on the stage playing in the band at the Marburg dances.

They started dating and he soon knew she was the love of his life and the one with whom he wanted to spend his life.

They announced their engagement at Dulcie's 21st birthday party in April 1954.

About this time Ron bought a property at Stoney Gully Rd, Tarampa. A marriage date was set for January 8, 1955, at the Marburg Lutheran Church.

On the Tarampa farm Ron and Dulcie began their farming career growing a variety of vegetables and filling up the remainder of the property with grains.

In March 1961, Ron drove up the road to his mother's gate with a big grin from ear to ear calling out "Hello Grandma".

He was a proud and happy father. Eddie and Essie were very excited about the birth of their first grandchild, Howard.

During Howard's attendance at the Tarampa Primary School, Ron was a very active member of the P&C.

Sadly Howard, their only child, passed away at the age of 20.

In the late '60s, Ron bought a ski boat when he saw his brother-in-law Lloyd having so much fun trying out this new water activity. It was all trial and error, however in Ron's usual style he perfected skiing, firstly transitioning to one ski and then barefoot. These weekend gatherings became a real social event, with invitations extended to many friends to come and also test their skills.

When eventually Atkinson Dam became a reality, Ron was the first person to tow a skier on the "new" dam.

In the early 1970s Ron and Dulcie purchased two adjoining properties. As they had no reliable water supply they installed a four-mile pipeline from Brightview Weir to their property.

Ron and Dulcie were known for their first-class onion seed and tomatoes.

Dulcie also recalled after the day's harvest of tomatoes they would make their way, that night, to the Rocklea markets - Ron would drive down and Dulcie would drive home, as Ron slept.

One foggy morning, arriving home about 1am, they discovered the trailer wasn't hooked on the back of the truck so, in haste, had to backtrack, peering through the fog.

The trailer was on the side of the road at Haigslea. At the time they had wondered why that trip seemed a little faster than usual.

In the winter months, when farming became quiet, Ron would take up another favourite activity, fishing, making regular trips to Jumpinpin for bream and Deception Bay for winter whiting.

In 1985 Ron and Dulcie retired from farming and Ron took up bowling with the same passion he had for farming, becoming a greenkeeper and holding various positions on the club executive, with a highlight when he was elected district president.

Ron and Dulcie loved their annual holiday on the coast, staying initially at Bilinga, near Kirra, then Burleigh Heads and in recent years Tweed Heads.

For many years Ron was heavily involved in the running of the Lowood Trinity Haven Units as well a being an active member and having a strong faith in this church.

Ron never did things lightly and had a strong passion for the things he enjoyed.

Those who know him can attest to his strong, competitive nature and a desire to do everything just right.

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