DIV 7 BY-ELECTION: Tough road for winner

THERE'S nothing wrong with having a variety of choices but that does tend to split votes.

About half of the 12,000 people who will vote in the October 7 election will likely only put a '1' next to their preferred candidate.

That's okay, but if there is one candidate you really don't like, or similarly one candidate you really like, it might be worth filling out the whole ballot paper.

It's hard to say what having such a large field means. There's no denying Ipswich council has been under heavy fire recently.

The large volume of people willing to put their hand up for this council position could show Ipswich residents are ready for change.

One thing is certain, whoever is elected will have a tough road ahead.

The successful candidate will join a team of leaders with an established working dynamic.

That dynamic is changing with the election of a new mayor but those personal and working relationships between long standing councillors are well established.

Candidates with strong relationships, outside of local government, will be the ones who stand a chance when it comes to wielding power.

A win buys you a seat at the table but that's not the same as an equal voice.

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