COMMENT: Right move for health service

WHEN staff from a unit at the Ipswich Hospital came to the QT with complaints of bullying and harassment, we did not take it at face value.

We asked many questions and looked for tangible evidence that we were the last port of call, not the first. It was clear these people felt they no longer had another option.

Hearing some staff members who play such an important part in our community were in distress made us consider the wider impact it could have for Ipswich which is why we had to run the story.

We acknowledge that West Moreton Health CE Dr Kerrie Freeman is new to the role. She has inherited everything that goes with it. The good (of which there are many examples), the bad and the ugly. And discussions between the QT and Dr Freeman have been open and respectful, which has been most welcome.

And I now applaud the service for taking the step and involving external investigators.

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COMMENT: Questions need to be answered

Whatever the cause, it's important that we understand

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