CROWD: Children leave Chancellor State College after school finishes.
CROWD: Children leave Chancellor State College after school finishes. craig Warhurst

Coast school with a Big McAccident waiting to happen

URGENT spending has been ordered by local Councillor Christian Dickson in a bid to fix a fast food safety dilemma in Sippy Downs.

Students from the Chancellor State College Secondary Campus have taken to running in front of cars as they cross Sippy Downs Dr in a risky journey to the newly-opened KFC, McDonald's and Caltex.

Despite a pedestrian crossing with lights being installed at the intersection of Claymore Rd and Sippy Downs Dr, only a few hundred metres from the school, many students have taken to running across Sippy Downs Dr to get direct access to their fast food fix.

Parents took to social media to vent their concerns after the fast food outlets opened last week, while a Chancellor State College post said it was "deeply concerned" about potential safety risks to students if they didn't cross the road at the designated crossing.

Cr Dickson said the development had been conditioned by the book, but admitted planners may have lacked foresight by not anticipating the traffic and safety issue.

He said the signalised crossing at the Claymore Rd intersection had been installed about six months ago, but it was clear another crossing may be needed closer to the school and university.

Cr Christian Dickson.
Cr Christian Dickson. Contributed

Cr Dickson said local police had raised their concerns.

"They're really worried about scraping someone off the road," Cr Dickson said.

"(The police) said it needs to be fixed now.

"As a council we've missed this."

He said he'd pulled $50,000 in funding from other upgrades in the electorate to go towards a solution, with $41,000 to be spent building a pedestrian refuge for a future signalised crossing closer to the school.

About $160,000 would be needed to create the full crossing with traffic lights, but in the interim Cr Dickson said the refuge and a reduction of speed to 40km/h had been prioritised.

"I've got to do it," he said.

"Kids are just running out."

What could be done to fix Sippy Downs' fast food safety dilemma?

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He said he would seek contributions from the landowner and tenants, including fast food outlets, to deliver the extra safety measures.

Cr Dickson also encouraged parents to make sure their children weren't running out in front of traffic and using the designated crossing.

Site developer Gino Loiero.
Site developer Gino Loiero. Cade Mooney

Site developer Gino Loiero said the last thing he wanted "is to see a kid splattered across the road" and would be happy to contribute to extra safety measures.

He said the fast food outlets and service station operators would also be supportive.

"It's not about the money," he said.

He said it was disappointing people were making out that council had erred, given the pedestrian crossing that had been put in only about 100m down the road.

"I don't believe council's done anything wrong," he said.

"We're happy to support whatever needs to be done."

Mr Loiero said if there were concerns that another crossing with lights and reduced speed limits would clog up traffic then it was important parents stressed to their children the need for them to use the existing crossing properly.

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