A FORMER Sunshine Coast model has the baseball world in a frenzy after she caught the attention of the Yankees highest paid slugger Alex Rodriguez.

 Bikini model Kyna Treacy went with friend Katie Quinn to a New York Yankees game when she found herself  at the centre of attention with A-Rod.

The 27-year-old former Woombye resident has made a name for herself with barely-there swimsuits.

But it was the way she distracted baseball's $30 million a season man which has attracted headlines around the world.

 Her Woombye dad did not seem overly excited about her daughter being in the headlines when contacted by local radio station 92.7 Mix FM this morning.

"This sort of stuff isn't new to us,'' the unnamed dad told breakfast co hosts Mark Darin and Caroline Hutchinson.

"She's pretty well meeting people like that all the time.

"I only found out about this yesterday or the day before.''

Asked whether there was any chance of A-Rod spending Christmas with the family at Woombye, he left the door open.

"You just never know. It gets cold in New York this time of year,'' he teased, adding that the Sunshine Coast certainly offered a better climate.

Fox News reported that A-Rod kept himself busy with Treacy and her friend while his team struggled to keep pace with the Detroit Tigers.

A-Rod reportedly openly flirted with both blondes, who were sitting above the team's dugout at Saturday's American League Championship series opener.

It was reported he used extra baseballs to send his phone number to the beautiful admirers.

The New York Post quoted a fan as saying: "I was absolutely stunned that even … A-Rod would not be focusing on such a critical game, supporting his teammates."

But A-Rod, who has a girlfriend, later denied any such fling.

Kyna told Inside Edition that she did not even know who A-Rod was initially.

The stunning model has a swimwear range called Kini Bikini and has previously starred in a television commercial for Air Pacific.

She was staying quiet on her social media sites, though took to Twitter to dispute being 33, as she was described in US stories.

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