Clive Palmer and the Greens agree on coal wagons

LONG-standing plans by the Greens to push for coal wagons to be covered appear to have a new supporter in the form of billionaire magnate and aspiring politician Clive Palmer.

The head of Palmer's United Party issued a statement on Wednesday morning promising to create laws to ensure coal trains are covered when they travel through suburban areas.

"All that has to be done by coal companies is to put a cover over the coal train wagons to prevent the dust from spreading into the environment and populated areas," he said.

The Greens have led a Senate Inquiry into the impact of coal dust on communities since November last year with the aim of introducing new laws.

Although a report is not due until August 12, Greens Senator Richard Di Natale has already flagged he personally felt rules needed to be more stringent.

Mr Palmer said such laws would allow Australia "to have the prosperity from mining while still protecting the environment".

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