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Shayne Neumann Rob Williams

Clearer language in flood insurance

IPSWICH residents can expect to read plainer-speaking flood insurance policies in the future after the Federal Government issued its response to the final report of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry.

A national strategy for disaster resilience will draw on the report's findings and the government is working with the State Government to progress a range of initiatives.

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann, said one of those was the introduction of a standard definition of flood for insurance purposes, along with the provision of a key fact sheet for insurance.

The QT has spoken to many residents whose claims were denied because insurance companies interpreted 'flood' in a variety of ways.

Other national strategies include the establishment of a national flood-risk information portal, a single access point for flood-mapping data that will enhance awareness of flood risk and improve decision-making in emergency management, land-use planning and insurance.

The quality of flood-mapping has left a lot to be desired and hopefully that will be addressed with the implementation of a national work program for flood-mapping, including in Ipswich.

The Federal Government has accepted three recommendations of the floods commission inquiry including working with Queensland to improve access to flood data and locating telecommunications facilities to minimise exposure to flooding.

Mr Neumann said the floods "ravaged the local region ... and we must learn from each disaster and build its resilience to future events".

"The Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry provides some important lessons," he said.

"The government will continue to work closely to build our resilience to future disasters."

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