City enjoys lowest diesel prices

IPSWICH motorists paid the least for diesel fuel in Queensland last month but unleaded petrol in the city has gone up by almost 11 cents per litre.

RACQ's latest monthly fuel report has revealed that fuel stations at Ipswich are selling diesel at an average of 146.1 cents per litre, which is cheaper than Brisbane prices. But the price of unleaded fuel has gone up in June in Ipswich on average to 147.8 cents per litre, a rise of 10.9 cents on the May figures.

Brisbane motorists pay 148.6 cents per litre for unleaded fuel, with Toowoomba the cheapest place to fill up, motorists there paying 140.5 due to the high level of independent retailers.

RACQ's Joe Fitzgerald said the reason for the rise in unleaded fuel prices in Ipswich was due to factors beyond retailers' control.

"The big reason for the rise last month was the weakened Aussie dollar, which kept oil prices high ... and that kept going through the pump," he said.

"Prices in Ipswich are still below average.

"South-east Queensland was still generally cheaper than the rest of the regions. In Cairns it was 155 cents per litre so, in terms of regional centres, Ipswich is still doing fairly well.

"Diesel doesn't really operate on the same price cycle as ULP.

Ipswich is always among the cheaper places for diesel and that would be because a lot of freight and transport comes through there. It would be competition driving that."

Mr Fitzgerald said the price of diesel and ULP had already increased in many regional centres and was expected to rise in other key centres in the next month.

Before filling up, motorists are encouraged to visit RACQ's website,


June average for a litre of unleaded petrol:

  • Ipswich - 147.8c
  • Brisbane - 148.6c
  • Toowoomba - 140.5c

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