BOSS: Ipswich City Council Administrator Greg Chemello.
BOSS: Ipswich City Council Administrator Greg Chemello. Cordell Richardson

'I'm no acting mayor': City boss Chemello lists top pledges

COMMUNITY concerns will be taken into account by the city's new boss.

On his second week in the role, administrator Greg Chemello has set out his priorities for the months ahead.

Priorities include winding up council-owned companies and progressing the central business district.

Mr Chemello said the Ipswich community could be assured basic council services would continue as usual and staff would take on representative roles.

He said staff in current roles often attended events on behalf of the organisation and this would continue "where deemed appropriate".

"My primary role is to ensure Ipswich City Council is held in high esteem as a role model for good governance," he said.

"And while I am determined to hear the community's views on all council-related issues, I have not been put in this position as acting mayor.

"Whenever council needs to be represented at civic engagements, we'll be sure that the right person fills those important shoes."

Ipswich City Council CEO Sean Madigan said it had been a tough time for the organisation.

"This has been our version of the Fitzgerald Inquiry," he told ABC radio.

Mr Madigan was appointed two days before the first dismissal notice was lodged to the Ipswich City Council.

He was optimistic for the future of the entity under Mr Chemello.