Hillier Court, Flinders View
Hillier Court, Flinders View

Christmas lights in a tangle after wild weather

CHRISTMAS light displays all over Ipswich took a battering over the weekend when a fast and furious storm rolled over Ipswich.

Tanya and Jay Basford have been putting up elaborate displays at their home on Hillier Court in Flinders View for about a decade now.

The destruction created by the weekend's 'cyclonic' weather was unlike anything they had ever seen before.

"We looked outside on Sunday afternoon and it looked a bit gloomy. It didn't look too bad so I just secured the arch in our driveway," Tanya said.

"Within 10 minutes the storm hit. We had a mini tornado with circling, swirling air which flipped our train carriage which was secured down with concrete.

"It jack-knifed down the driveway and the whole thing just flipped right over."

About 2500 of couple's decorations are hand made using recycled materials.

Tanya said their igloo made out of plastic milk bottles looked like "Swiss cheese" after the hail hit.

"We ran outside and that's when the hail started. It was about pea or marble size," she said.

"Our main concern was the train carriage. We righted it and anchored it back to the house with a rope.

"Then we ran back inside and just stood at the window and watched as the Christmas decorations were picked up and knocked over."

A lot of string lights were also damaged with some even snapping in half in the strong winds.

"We've managed to do quite a few repairs, the water damage in some controllers."

She said while the damage would amount to a few hundred dollars, it was their hand made decorations which would take a while to repair.

"It takes a month to actually put the display up and we start making big feature pieces in August," Tanya said.

"It was hard to watch all of our hard work being trashed by mother nature. It's been a really bad storm season this Christmas."

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