BE MERRY: Live it up, but keep safe this Christmas.
BE MERRY: Live it up, but keep safe this Christmas. Renee Albrecht

Christmas is the perfect time to be with family

IT IS only a few hours before the round man in the red suit sporting a long white beard arrives at your place to leave gifts that you have been wanting all year.

The question is, have you been "nice” enough to get a gift or were you "naughty” and won't get anything?

Well that is what we tell the children to try to bribe them into being good and doing as they are told. I am led to believe that this tactic works, sometimes.

Christmas morning is a time for children. A time when the kids get up even earlier than usual to see what is under the Christmas tree for them.

It's a time that grandparents love, sitting there watching their young grandchildren get all excited as the presents are handed out.

Grandparents get more excited than the kids sometimes watching them unwrap their presents, watching the big smiles and listening to their laughter as they tear away at the wrapping paper hoping for that special something they have been wishing for all year.

It seems to me that grandparents are much closer to their grandchildren than they were with their children.

Grandparents have more tolerance with the young ones but of course they don't have to be with them constantly. In many cases grandparents are the minders as both parents work and therefore become closer to the child.

As grandparents, we tend to spoil the grandchildren a bit more than we should and even more so during this festive season.

Christmas Day can be daunting for parents, especially if you are having the clan over to your place for lunch. There is myriad things to get ready and hopefully you have planned it all prior to the big day.

Who is bringing the chook, the turkey, ham and seafood?

Who is supplying the salad or are you cooking for everyone and doing the full-on baked spread?

Tired already and the day hasn't even started!

If you have been really organised and the family agree, you have arranged the day in a park or at the beach. Everyone arrives toting the esky full of goodies to share, chairs, picnic blankets, cricket sets or balls for a bit of fun before lunch. After lunch everybody, except for the kids, is ready for a little lie down and a bit of a nap especially in the heat here in Ipswich that usually accompanies Christmas Day.

Regardless of how your family celebrates Christmas - whether you have a big family gathering or you are with your immediate family, or just celebrating with friends - I hope you have a very Merry Christmas filled with good cheer and joy.

Please stay safe on the roads if you are travelling over the festive season.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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