OPINION: Choat finds his calling

SEAN Choat will have found his calling if he is appointed as a Somerset councillor.

In state politics, Mr Choat always appeared better suited to an independent's role rather than being aligned to a political party. He is not a political animal.

The vicious nature of modern politics does not sit well with him.

After dealing with Mr Choat for the past four years it is clear to me he is a nuts and bolts style of civic leader suited to attending to the needs of individuals and fighting hard for community projects.

I will not forget how excited he was when he phoned the QT after, in conjunction with Cr David Pahlke, he was able to secure new audible alarms for visually impaired teenager Brendan Young at a local railway crossing.

That says all you need to know about Mr Choat. He wasn't interested in currying favour with the head honchos of the LNP. Gaining the respect of his constituents was more his thing.

It took a strong candidate in Labor's Jim Madden to beat him in Ipswich West. To his great credit, Mr Choat did not want this article written.

He did not want to appear presumptuous about his application to Somerset Regional Council.

But when the QT finally tracked him down he couldn't help but be honest about his intentions.

And the former railway employee has always been up front.

Mr Choat brings colour to political life. He has his flaws, like we all do.

Some would say it is passion for the music of The Cure.

But it is essential the region has a heart. Mr Choat cares and acts with the community's best interests at the forefront. He has the qualities we want to see in our civic leaders.

Somerset Regional Council will no doubt have a tough decision to make in appointing a new councillor.

If they select Mr Choat, it will be a wise move.

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