SO LONG 2016: Ipswich New Year's Eve at North Ipswich Reserve. Fireworks Finale Spectacular.
SO LONG 2016: Ipswich New Year's Eve at North Ipswich Reserve. Fireworks Finale Spectacular. David Nielsen

Chip in for your city in 2017

NOW that the Christmas rush and the excesses of the festivities are done and dusted it is time to sit back and relax and start planning for the year ahead.

Will you trot out the old resolutions - you know those that you always make just before New Year but never keep much past the end of January?

Good intentions can fall by the wayside once life gets in the way.

I am sure you know the ones I am talking about, like "I am going to get myself fit this year" or, "I am going to exercise more regularly from January", and of course "I will save more regularly this coming year and not waste money on trivial things".

For most people making New Year's resolutions is all part of the process of celebrating the beginning of a New Year.

Some celebrate with fireworks or going to somewhere where fireworks are set off at midnight to bring in the new year. Brisbane at South Bank and Sydney Harbour spring to mind.

Some like to have a more serene atmosphere at music festivals such as the Woodford Folk Festival, while others will sit at home and watch a movie or watch the coverage of festivities on Sydney Harbour.

A lot of our older folk have seen it all before.

Many in the community are anxious to have 2017 appear due to what they believe has been a bad year with so many of our music legends passing during 2016.

Luckily they have left us with some great music which will never die.

During 2016 there have been many stories reflecting on the unsung heroes of our community who, in their older years, give so much back to Ipswich through their volunteer work.

There have been stories about the remembrance of fallen heroes of past and present conflicts around the world, stories about the way some organisations gain the much needed finances to continue their great charity work

There were many articles about how our seniors are being entertained or in many cases entertaining the community and other articles about the many aspects of the arts thriving in Ipswich.

It has been a very big year for all.

And it just goes to show that there are plenty of things to do after retirement.

While making your New Year's resolutions consider offering your life skills to a community organisation or charity in 2017.

Most of them can use the help to make this community of Ipswich an even greater place in which to live than it already is.

If your resolution is to get out there and meet new people, then have a look at the Community Billboard in Tuesday's QT each week to see what organisations there are and when they meet.

Have a Happy New Year and may 2017 bring you, your family and friends good cheer and health and may 2017 be another eventful and fantastic year.

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