Children getting left at local bus stops

OUR four children and another year 8 boy attending Glenala SHS catch the 524 (Translink) bus from Gorry St, Goodna (7:09am) to Goodna Train Station to meet school bus 32 (travels to Inala SS and Glenala SHS).

The reverse route occurs in the afternoon.

The other day, a Year 8 boy (not one of ours) was left stranded at St Ives shopping centre (around 4:30pm), because the bus driver told him that the bus was full.

I drove down to St Ives, once our children informed us, to check on the other child's welfare.

This morning our four children were not let on the bus, because the driver claimed that the bus was too full.

The bus driver was the same lady in both cases.

We are concerned that an incident similar to the Daniel Morcombe incident could potentially occur in our area.

We were able to drive our children to the station this morning, but if this occurred with other children, whose parents are unable to take them to Goodna station; there are no other times that a school bus leaves Goodna Station for Inala.

After this morning's incident, my partner contacted Translink and made a formal complaint. We are waiting for a response.

How often does this occur? (Our children have been catching the bus for one week)

Is this occurring on other bus routes?

Are buses needed more frequently at peak times?

Are there regulations regarding the age of the child that may be left behind?



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