Man charged for alleged child steal incident denied bail

A MAN charged with two counts of child stealing is alleged to have caused a government worker to jump out of the way of his car when he rapidly drove off with two children inside.

The man is alleged to have taken the children from a suburban park.

In his bail application opposed by police, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard that an amber alert was issued on Tuesday when the children were driven away from a park by Joseph Peronchik and a known woman.

The children were in the back seat of his car.

Joseph Wayne Peronchik, 38, from Ellen Grove, made no pleas to two charges of child stealing at Redbank Plains on May 26; and two counts of removing a child from custody or guardianship.

In opposing bail the prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said he was an unacceptable risk of offending and potentially endangering health and safety.

"It was exceedingly dangerous. He had two subject children in the back of the car," Sgt Dick said.

"A department officer pleads with him to return the children. He had his brakes on and revs the engine and the officer moved to the side in fear of being struck if he releases the brakes.

"Police see him veer on the wrong side of the road and go through a red light."

Sgt Dick said Peronchik had also been on bail for serious drug misuse offences.

He said the child stealing matters must proceed on indictment in a higher court.

Police would allege that he helped a woman to remove the children from the lawful custody of the department (of child safety), with the incident "extremely traumatising to these children to have been driven away at speed."

The bail application was made by lawyer Trevor Hoskin, who said Peronchik "denies any manner of dangerous driving" and that potential dash-camera evidence may clear that up.

Mr Hoskin said that in a witness interview a woman was heard screaming "go, go, go" with Peronchik saying she would make the matter worse.

"He was endeavouring to persuade her," Mr Hoskin said.

"He didn't go there with any intent to take the children. There was no plan."

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said a man had been standing in front of the car with its wheels spinning and forced to move out of the way for his own protection.

He said he was mindful of the allegations and also that the defendant was on bail for serious drug matters, and bail related offences.

Mr Fowler said he had not shown cause and bail was refused. Remanded in custody his matters were adjourned to June 10.

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