Exploding table shocks owners

A glass table top spontaneously exploded at a Hervey Bay home last week.
A glass table top spontaneously exploded at a Hervey Bay home last week. Supplied

A CHEMICAL reaction may have caused a glass table top to shatter spontaneously at a Hervey Bay home last week.

Vicki Seddon said her husband had been at home last Thursday when he heard a loud bang and discovered their five-year-old glass table had exploded, leaving an empty frame in its wake.

Staff from Hervey Bay Glass said the chemical nickel sulphide may have been responsible.

They said hundreds of customers had gone through the store over the years complaining of glass tables, doors and ovens shattering.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) released a study that showed glass with nickel sulphide traces had been known to shatter spontaneously.

In rare circumstances, nickel sulphide can be left over from the manufacturing process.

The ABCB study said owners could tell if nickel sulphide was present in glass only after it had fractured.

“My thing is, it could have happened while a child was there,” Mrs Seddon said.

She said the table had not been in direct heat and had nothing dropped on it.

Mrs Seddon spent more than an hour removing the tiny shards of glass from the carpet beneath it and believed the damage could have been much worse if not for the heavy plastic tablecloth.

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