Golf has continued during the coronavirus shutdown.
Golf has continued during the coronavirus shutdown.

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Sandy Gallop

Results June 27: Monthly Stableford.

Mug winner: Troy Pearce.

A Grade: 1st T. Pearce 40pts, 2nd L. Denman 38pts ocb, 3rd G. Meertens 38pts.

B Grade: 1st G. Salmon 38pts ocb, 2nd P. Muller 38pts, 3rd M. Grieve 37pts ocb.

C Grade: 1st S. Morrison 35pts ocb, 2nd R. Cowan 35pts ocb 3rd M. Holmes 35pts.

Ladies: 1st Deb Thomson 38pts 2nd A. Hamilton 36pts.

NTP: 3rd K. Luinstra 73cm 8th J. Tusa 44cm 11th J. Owen 120cm 18th B. Hamlin 175cm.

Approach: 2nd J. Gardner 148cm 17th C. Martin 35cm.

Eagles Nest: 6th - S. Collier.

BRD: 32. PCC: 0.

Results June 24: Stableford Medley.

Mug winner: B. French.

Winners Division 1: 1st G. Cotter 38 pts; 2nd B. Lake 37 pts ocb; 3rd D. Johnson 37 pts.

Winners Division 2: 1st B. French 44 pts; 2nd C. Mayo 36 pts ocb; 3rd C. Bell 36 pts.

NTP: 8th G.Milady 70 cms; 18th J. Slotegraaf 286cm.

Approach: 2nd K. Fitzpatrick 86cm.

BRD to 31 pts.

Results June 22: Monday Medley - 1st Bob Daw 37pts, 2nd Symon Crowley 34pts ocb, 3rd Chris Petrohilos 34pts.

BRD: 31pts. DSR: 0.


Results June 27: Winner - T Stanford 40pts. Runner up: J Smith 39pts. Rundown to 35pts.

NTP: No2: J Smith. Ladies: M Gibson.

No9: (0-18) D Mann (19-36) W Browning. Ladies: M Gibson. No 11: J Hunter. Ladies: C McKenzie. No 15: Ladies: M Gibson.

Approach: P Toohey Ladies: P Brown.

Congratulations to all our match play winners.



Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc

June 27: A double 700 metre shoot was attended by 27 members and one visitor.

A Grade: Tim Boase 103.09 (5) 108.09; John Hislop 104.11 (3) 107.11; Rob Rush 104.10 (1) 105.10; Tony Logan 102.09 (3) 105.09; Ray Mortimer 102.09 (2) 104.09; Andrew Mayfield 100.06 (3) 103.06.

B Grade: John Kippen 100.04 (8) 108.04; Liz Garbutt 101.05 (6) 107.05; Mark Garbutt 100.05 (6) 106.05; Gary Morrison 99.08 (4) 103.08; Glenn Rush 101.11 (-) 101.11; David Nicol 98.07 (3) 101.07.

F Standard: Lincoln Theuerkauf 120.03 (15) 135.03; Damien Tansley 123.10 (7) 130.10; Bob Duggan 119.09 (10) 129.09; Ivor Davidson 123.11 (4) 127.11; Ray Edbrooke 115.05 (11) 126.05; William Long 116.05 (10) 126.05; Mikayla Gray 111.01 (15) 126.01; Lee Webber 112.01 (13) 125.01; Glenn Rush 122.09 (1) 123.09; Rebecca Pook 108.05 (-) 108.05; Riley Balderson 90.00 (-) 90.00.

F Open: Lana Mayfield 122.10 (7) 129.10; Christopher Gray 123.04 (4) 127.04; Noel Davies 124.07 (2) 126.07; Brett Long 114.03 (10) 124.03; Tim O'Shea 114.02 (-) 114.02.

Visitor(s): Les austen (FS) 97.0.

Next week: 300 metres 1pm start.



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