Australian golfing stalwart Peter Senior is among the big name players lining up in the Brookwater Pro-Am on Friday and Saturday.
Australian golfing stalwart Peter Senior is among the big name players lining up in the Brookwater Pro-Am on Friday and Saturday. PGA of Australia

Check out Aussie golfing elite at Brookwater

QUEENSLAND'S top public access golf course is set to hold its first Pro-Am event in years.

The 2019 Brookwater Pro-Am will be staged on Friday and Saturday, featuring a number of legendary Australian pros.

The exclusive two-day event, run by Brookwater Golf and Country Club in conjunction with the PGA of Australia, includes a Legends and Pro-Am event.

Each event will feature 40 players from the Legends Tour and 40 players from the PGA Tour Pro Am Series competing for a total prize purse of $60,000.

Four-time Australasian Order of Merit winner Peter Senior has a long history of success on the PGA Tour of Australasia.

He has three Australian PGA Championships and three Australian Masters victories, the last being just two years ago.

Senior is one of the major drawcards of the event. Senior said he had been busy practising at the Brookwater course before this week's competition.

"I'm looking forward to playing the course as it requires you to play well,” Senior said. "You can't get away with too much on this course and that's why I like it.

"We're just having a look at the course at the moment and seeing how quick the greens are and how much slope there is.

"Distance won't be a problem, but there's always a focus on the green- where to miss it, where not to miss it, so you can get up and down to save as many pars as you can.

"I will probably have one more practice round here and that should do me. Once you've been playing as long as I have, you can adapt pretty quickly.”

The Legends tour is expected to draw diehard golfing fans, young and old, with top players such as Senior, Peter Lonard, Peter Fowler, Michael Harwood and Wayne Grady all competing at the event.

The Pro-Am series will feature 40 up and coming young golf professionals who will travel from around Australia to play in the event.

Senior said events such as the Brookwater Pro-Am were always a good opportunity to network and meet new players.

"Pro-Ams are a great innovator to meet people and its great for the course as well,” Senior said.

"This is probably a harder test of golf than most courses, but I like a bit of a challenge, plus the course is in great shape as well, so that's exciting.

"It's great that the young guys are playing as well, so I'm looking forward to the event.”

Brookwater Golf and Country Club general manager and professional golfer Declan McCollam will also take part in the series.

While the club has previously hosted the Queensland Open, McCollam said he hoped this event would be the start of a new direction for golf in the region.

"This is a new format for us with the event split into two different tours,” McCollam said.

"The way forward from here will be to integrate professional women's golf as well.

"We are only the second club this year to hold such an event and we believe there is more value in running a two-day Pro-Am style event where you can have a lot more interaction with both your members and the general public.

"The Queensland Open is an event for elite players and as such is not open to club level amateurs.

"It is much better for us holding a Pro Am style of event because it fits the demographic of our membership and guests and what we're trying to promote as a business.”

The 2019 Brookwater Pro-Am event is open to the public.

For more information, visit the or call 5657 6100.

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