Changes to mining laws 'ignore' the community

A CONTROVERSIAL amendment to mining laws wiping community consultation for new leases prompted an angry response from Ipswich City Council this week.

The amendment put forward by the State Government ruled out the need to notify the general community of new mining tenures, wiping any formal opportunity to make submissions.

Only impacted landowners, infrastructure providers and local governments will be notified.

In February Ipswich City Council opposed a lack of community consultation on an open-cut coal mine at New Chum given the go-ahead by State Government.

Rosewood-based councillor David Pahlke repeated his calls for an end to mining in the Western Corridor as urban development continued.

"After 170 years of mining we have to move on to the 21st Century. It should be winding down. We've got dramatic urban growth coming in the next 50 years and mining and urban growth do not mix, it's a recipe for disaster," Cr Pahlke said.

"Back in the old days when it was underground it was out of sight out of mind, very much family owned, very much a comrade thing, loyalty thing and a community thing. Today it's all about share prices, markets and business."

Planning and Development Committee chairman Paul Tully said the legislation took away the rights of individuals to object to mining activity.

"The new legislation ignores the environmental issues, ignores the community, strips people of the right to even be notified let alone to object in any meaningful way to any mining activity on their doorstep and is bad for Queensland," Cr Tully said.

Mines Minister Andrew Cripps said a more streamlined mining lease notification and objection process reduced red tape and gave greater certainty to landholders and resources companies.

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