Jim MCkee, Candidate for Division 7
Jim MCkee, Candidate for Division 7 Contributed

Antoniolli's CBD development not going according to plan

IN an article in the QT on February 19 Cr Andrew Antoniolli said: "Everybody recognises that we have a plan, we are working to the plan and it was generated in consultation with the community with the city centre strategy.

That plan was for 20-plus years."

The plan he is referring to is the Ipswich Regional Centre Strategy of 2008.

As a business owner in the Top of Town, I was a stakeholder during the consultation process for that plan.

I took a week off work and attended five days of consultations.

I felt that it was an important thing to be a part of.

I still believe in the validity of that plan.

I know the value of planning, it is impossible to run a business without it.

Professionally developed plans are expensive and the consultation process is time consuming.

Once you have a plan the best advice is to stick to it.

That way you maximise the return on your investment and you can assess how well it is working.

Once you abandon your plan the money and effort is wasted.

So it is with great surprise that I see Cr Antoniolli refer to this plan, as he has never followed it.

It was abandoned at the first opportunity.

The $1.2 million dollars of ratepayers' money and the hundreds of hours of community consultation were thrown into the bin long ago.

The approval of Bunnings in West Ipswich, for example, went against everything the strategy was aiming to achieve there.

A few key objectives for that area were; "to gradually transition the current land use pattern from light and service industry toward a compatible mix of workshops, live work accommodation, residential development, close-grained retail, and commercial uses.

"To reduce the scale of the blocks in the area to encourage greater pedestrian permeability . To focus ground floor activity along the Brisbane Street boulevard corridor."

The same can be said of the Top of Town, when a McDonald's drive-through was approved in what was supposed to be a premium dining and boutique retail area.

Little has been accomplished in regard to the catalytic projects proposed by the strategy, the revised transport system, the rerouting of through traffic, the return to two way steets in the CBD, the boulevard street scaping are all missing.

So, no, Cr Antoniolli you are not working to a plan.

What we have instead is random opportunism with no thought for the existing plan at all.

That plan has been completely abandoned along with the goodwill of the many people like myself who gave their time, energy and enthusiasm to bring it to fruition.

JIM McKEE, Candidate for Division 7


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