Housing commission rescues found with no water, food

A GOODNA woman was fined $2000 by an Ipswich court for animal offences involving her flea infested dog and cats.

Half of that - $1000 - will go to the RSPCA.

Tina Lois Fletcher, 47, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to three charges under the Animal Care and Protection Act.

She failed to provide appropriate living conditions to a female kelpie cross puppy on January 29; for a short haired cat; and a short haired kitten.




Fletcher, who was living in a Department of Housing rental, housed the kitten in a yard that was dirty, did not have access to water, and where it became infested with fleas.

The puppy was confined to an unclean bedroom with insufficient ventilation, a smell of ammonia, and with no access to water.

The cat confined to a house which was unclean, no access to water, and where the cat developed patchy hair loss because of a flea infestation.

Magistrate Andy Cridland heard inspectors responded some years before to information that Fletcher's two bull mastiff dogs were underweight, wandering into neighbours yards and stealing food.

Fletcher told an inspector she fed the puppy human-food leftovers and home brand dry food when she could afford it.

In December last year, the RSPCA received two reports about the living conditions of a dog, cats and kittens.

Fletcher refused the inspector entry but he was able to take one cat and four newborn kittens.

In January the inspector found a skinny dog and a white cat infested with fleas.

Debris and rubbish was in the yard, a bowl held food scraps, and a saucepan held dirty water.

The front door was broken and a cat was found asleep inside on a wheelie bin with some kitty litter in the hallway. No animal food was sighted. A female kelpie puppy was found under a bed which was hot and had a pungent odour.

Cats, kittens and the puppy were seized. Fletcher surrendered the animals on February 25 but refused for the puppy, saying it was "a birthday present. I want her back".

Mr Cridland fined Fletcher $2000.

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