SAFE CHOICE: Division 6 candidate Cate Carter wants to extend the Safe City network.
SAFE CHOICE: Division 6 candidate Cate Carter wants to extend the Safe City network. David Nielsen

Cate Carter would widen Safe City network if elected

ENSURING the public safety of families in Division 6 is set to be front and centre of candidate Cate Carter's campaign.

That is why she has unveiled one of her policies for the upcoming local government election as widening the Safe City network in her division.

Ms Carter is an advocate of the effectiveness of Safe City cameras and supports the emphasis placed on it by the Ipswich City Council.

She said the Ipswich City Council budget report for 2015-2016 stated that $1.3 million dollars had been allocated for Safe City infrastructure improvements, but insisted Division 6 needed extra cameras.

"The intersection of Hunter St and Pine Mountain Rd really needs to be monitored," she said.

"In this area there are four different schools within walking distance.

"There are currently 2,795 school children enrolled at Ipswich Adventist School, Ipswich State High School, Brassall State High and St Joseph's Primary.

"There are children on bikes, scooters and without parents sometimes."

Ms Carter said there were two Federal grants regarding CCTV in play at the moment.

"One is the Safer Streets program offering $29.4 Million but the fine print indicates it's only for retail, entertainment, commercial precincts or public parks," she said.

"This grant would be perfect for around Queens Park… and Robelle Parkland and cafe which only has Safe City in the lagoon area.

"I really urge the current Council to consider this grant by cut off on February 17 if they haven't already for these areas."

She also highlighted a Federal School Security $18 million dollar program, which aims to stop violence from racial and religious intolerance.

"This program provides funding for security infrastructure, CCTV, lighting and fences and the cost of employing security guards.

"It does not address opportunistic acts of vandalism or property crime, like the constant vandalism on Hunter St outside Ipswich High pool where three panes of bus shelter glass have been smashed in a spate of a fortnight.

"So outside the four schools I have highlighted, which are used by over 2000 families of students and teachers every day, neither grant fits the criteria.

"This makes it essential in the next Council budget that we see these areas identified as top priority for Safe City new cameras."

Cr Andrew Antoniolli, the city's public safety chief, said the merits of the location of the cameras Ms Carter was calling for would need to be examined.

"We tend to put cameras where there are identified risks or specifically some ongoing issues of safety concerns," he said.

"So the merits of that location would have to be looked at. But the Safe City network is integral to maintaining a safer environment for the community."

Ms Carter said there were 270 Safe City cameras ranging from Rosewood to Springfield.

"It not only deters vandalism, the program alerts emergency services to any road traffic accidents, monitors school children's behaviour, and works well into the night alerting authorities to stolen car sightings and scans the areas for current reported missing persons," she said.

"There is more then one bonus of having a largely used area monitored by two extra sets of eyes 24/7."

Ms Carter said public safety had been mentioned frequently as she had door knocked the division.

"Especially when we are talking about children who are walking by themselves," she said.

"I have personally worked with Safe City cameras and I love what they do. We need to see more of it."

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